Located on an island on Lac de Gras, in a remote corner of Canada’s Northwest Territories, the Diavik diamond mine operates in one of the most untouched, ecologically sensitive environments on the planet.

Set in a continuous permafrost zone, the climate is extreme. In winter, daylight lasts for only a few hours, and temperatures fall to under -50°C. While in the summer season, daylight extends up to 20 hours a day. The vast tundra that surrounds the mine is home to bears, wolverine, and migrating caribou, and the pure waters of Lac de Gras are teeming with fish and bird life.

Encircled by water, the Diavik mine can be accessed only by a single 600 km long ice road – the longest ice road in the world, with more than 85 percent of it built over frozen lakes. Constructed in 1982, the ice road is only open from February to early April, and must be rebuilt every year as the ice melts with warmer weather.